During Tammany Taste of Summer 2023, local influencers embarked on a delectable culinary journey across the Northshore, exploring the finest restaurants and savoring specially crafted menus. Here are five must-try Tammany Taste menus, as handpicked by influential foodies:

  1. Meribo Pizza
  2. St. Ann’s Wine Bar
  3. Nuvolari’s
  4. Impastato Cellars
  5. Palmettos on the Bayou

Jay Ducote – Meribo

Renowned chef and culinary personality Jay Ducote, known for his various ventures in the culinary world, visited Meribo during his Northshore trip. While this restaurant is famous for its delicious pizzas, their 2023 Tammany Taste Menu might surprise guests with its light and refreshing offerings, perfect for the summer season. The first course consists of crisp salad options, the second, a protein choice between perfectly prepared salmon or pork, and for dessert, your choice of melt-in-your-mouth cookies with vanilla milk or “lime ‘n d’ coconut”, a coconut-lime dairy free ice cream made right down the street at Hoodoo Ice Cream.


Fork.With.Us – St. Ann’s Wine Bar

Kaitlyn and Marigny, the twin sisters behind the popular foodie account Fork.With.Us, explore the culinary scene in Baton Rouge, New Orleans and beyond. For their Tammany Taste experience, they chose to dine at St. Ann’s Wine Bar in Mandeville, a charming late-night spot with a creative menu curated by experts who have a profound understanding of wine pairings. The 2023 Tammany Taste Menu delights guests with an array of dishes expertly complemented by perfectly matched wines and cocktails. The chocolate and cheese plate for dessert looks especially scrumptious!


WhereToGeaux225 – Nuvolari’s

Jordan of WhereToGeaux225 ventured to Old Mandeville for a memorable fine dining experience at Nuvolari’s. A renowned Italian dining gem on the Northshore for almost four decades, Nuvolari’s impresses diners with its intimate and elevated atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for special occasions and date nights. The Tammany Taste Menu at Nuvolari’s features an exquisite selection of dishes, showcasing the culinary expertise that has made this restaurant a standout in the region.


DavidNola – Impastato Cellars

David, known for capturing stunning landscape and architectural photography around New Orleans, also enjoys the pace and peacefulness of the Northshore every once and a while. During Tammany Taste of Summer 2023, he chose to indulge in the exceptional culinary offerings at Impastato Cellars. This celebrated restaurant serves a menu of masterful Italian creations and David had great things to say about the Shrimp Au Gratin, Chicken Parmesan and homemade Cheesecake for dessert.


FlavourfulFinds2 – Palmettos on the Bayou

Deepa took food enthusiasts on a tantalizing journey at Palmettos on the Bayou. Led by Chef Ross Dover, the restaurant rolled out an unforgettable menu for Tammany Taste 2023. The menu featured irresistible delights like cheese-stuffed boudin balls, a grilled boneless pork loin and expertly paired beverages that perfectly complemented the flavors of summer.


With such incredible prix fixe options on offer, choosing just one restaurant becomes a challenge. The culinary artistry of chefs on The Northshore makes it nearly impossible to decide, but foodies are encouraged to bring along friends and family to order different items from the menu and indulge in a communal tasting experience. Just remember to check the available dates and times to secure your spot for this true culinary adventure! Visit TammanyTaste.com to see all participating restaurants and menus.