Spring-Summer 2024 Visitor Guide

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Liz's Where Y'at Diner


As is true in most of our part of the state, life here is meant to be savored one bite at a time. Starting with breakfast, and, say, the Big Easy Benedict (fried green tomatoes with grilled crab cakes, poached eggs and Cajun Hollandaise). Strong Louisiana coffee. Lots of Southern love – and biscuits. And butter. For lunch you might be needing a fried shrimp po-boy. For dinner, maybe delicate trout Audrey, crowned in crab meat and savored with a view of the sun setting in a pink and lavender sky. You’ll find Creole specialties, Sicilian Italian, Southwest-meets-Nawlins Paleo, and China-meets- Louisiana goodness (think Tong Cho Crawfish, oh yeah). Don’t be talking “diet” when you come to Mandeville. You’re not in Kansas any more. Surrender, Dorothy.