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    St. Tammany Restaurants

    Savor the bounty of the bayou on The Northshore, a culinarily diverse area rich in heritage and in flavor. Whether it's a trained chef in the kitchen or somebody's mama-turned-restaurateur, the folks in the kitchens here know a lot is expected of them. We know good food and settle for nothing less. So, are you craving a po-boy? Maybe one with golden-fried shrimp or tender roast beef dripping in pan gravy? Like spicy boiled seafood? Prefer a delicately sauced, locally sourced trout with lump crabmeat? House-made pasta or Tong Cho Crawfish? 

    Your options are endless. And delicious. Search restaurant listings below and learn how to eat like a local. You'll find the Northshore culinary scene extends beyond the restaurants, too. Savor locally-grown produce and regional specialties at our farmers markets, enjoy Northshore-brewed beers at a brewpub and local wines at area vineyards. Visit our Tammany Taste page to savor via video Northshore culinary experiences and chef interviews. Click "Fresh St. Tammany" below to read about one couple’s culinary getaway on The Northshore, and check out our Northshore recipes to bring a taste of St. Tammany home.