Pepe's TToS Cocktail, DiningBy: Jyl Benson |

I love to go tubing. A simple creature, plopping my butt in an inner tube then floating down a river with a group of friends while alternating between eating fried chicken and drinking beer (this is the only time I drink beer), staring at the sky, and disentangling myself and my tube from whatever vines, brush, boulders, and whatnot is my idea of a very fine day. I like kayaking and canoeing, too, but I am known for being the uncoordinated one most likely to flip the vessel, so I am not a Top Tier Pick for these activities. I have never tried skydiving but it is not out of the question.

In this time of social distancing when outdoor activities are regarded as particularly virtuous the communities on the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain have been abuzz with visitors from around the region seeking the pine-scented air and clean waterways the area is known for. With the recently launched Tammany Taste of Summer Savings Pass those outdoor activities just became more accessible than ever.


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