Insta-Gator Ranch & Hatchery
23440 Lowe Davis Rd.
Covington, LA 70435
Tel: (985) 892-3669
(888) 448-1560


Insta-Gator is home to more than 2,000 alligators. Fun, educational program allows you to view gators of various ages and sizes swimming in clear water from protected walkways. You can touch 'em, hold 'em, feed 'em and, in August and September, even hatch 'em.

All small groups of visitors (under 15 people) must book a reservation in advance on the website. All larger groups of 16 or more should email or call (985) 892 3669 so your specific needs can be accommodated.

Also, be sure to shop their collection of farm-raised alligator leather wallets, purses and more. View the collection and purchase online.

Did you know? Insta-gator Ranch's gators will travel to schools, birthday parties, cocktail parties, luncheons, and other social events for a traveling alligator education and entertainment show. Learn more about the Gators to Geaux program on their website.

Directed by Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, this farm was developed to conserve the American Alligator species and preserve the Louisiana wetlands. Your guided tour gives you a first-hand account of the Louisiana Alligator Industry, from hatchling to handbag. See the ultra light airplane and air boat used to harvest the eggs from the Louisiana swamp, while action film footage takes you into the wild. You’ll see how the rancher locates the eggs in the marshes and cautiously removes the eggs from the nest.

Discover the vital role that this ancient resident has played in Louisiana’s colorful Cajun heritage and learn how Louisianians have become world leaders in the Crocodilian Program of Protection.