Escapology Escape Rooms
3025 Pinnacle Pkwy
Covington, LA 70433
Tel: (985) 520-0570


Time Travel is a reality. The Time Displacement Institute (“TDI”) was created by the Federal Government to monitor and fix illegal changes to the existing timeline. You and your friends are visiting TDI for a tour of the facility when sirens and alarms are blaring in your ears. With no time to spare, you and your friends are enlisted to travel back in time to fix the timeline that has been illegally changed. Three scenarios include “Annihilation” (the Cuban Missile Crisis), “Extinction” (airborne virus over Atlanta), and “Assassination Express” (bombing of a train carrying candidate Franklin D. Roosevelt). Do you have what it takes? Four experience packages can accommodate a minimum of two players, maximum 42. Purchase tickets at the door or in advance on website for a discount.