Chef Joey Najolia & Wife Brandi, Cafe Lynn

By: Jordan Lahaye | Country Roads 

When Chef Joey Najolia and his wife Brandi first opened Café Lynn in 2007, the larger-than-life mythos of the great Chef Chris Kerageorgio loomed large over the Northshore. The founder of the Lacombe institution La Provence, the Port St. Louis-born Kerageorgio—with his riveting personal history in the French underground and the Merchant Marine—had died that February a revered master of French cuisine in the New Orleans area. And here was the final chef de cuisine of his iconic restaurant, in an old Burger King in Mandeville, attempting to serve meager (although, actually quite superb) red beans and rice with a pork chop.

“Can’t you whip up a filet au Poivre? A veal picatta?” Chef Najolia’s customers would ask.

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Photo credit to Brian Pavlich