MANDEVILLE, La. – Fontainebleau State Park now has an all-terrain track wheelchair available for use by visitors with limited mobility. The special design of the all-terrain, electric-powered chair provides the user with the ability to navigate trails and areas of the park not suitable for conventional wheelchairs.

Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and the Louisiana Office of State Parks are committed to providing limited-mobility visitors the freedom to explore nature at state parks without limitation.

“Everyone will now be able to enjoy the trails at Fontainebleau State Park and experience nature and wildlife – including our limited mobility visitors,” said Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser. “We aim not only to meet the minimum accessibility requirements for limited-mobility guests but take it a step further by providing the best possible state park experience for all guests with amenities such as this all-terrain chair.”

There is no fee to use the chair. The chair must be reserved 48 hours in advance. Users must complete a user agreement and liability waiver form as well as training in order to check out the all-terrain chair. Louisiana State Parks plans to add all-terrain chairs in parks throughout the Louisiana park system through state funding or private donations.

To reserve the Fontainebleau State Park all-terrain chair, go to or call the park at 1-888-677-3668.